5 love languages

my mom told me

in human world, each one of us has the “primary love language”
the way love speaks most profoundly to our heart
the way we need to receive & give affection for the sense of belonging,
for the happiness of love,
for the confidence of being

i think she has read it in somewhere

and this is the list of the five languages she explained to me

(1) words of affirmation
like, “you are such a sweet puppy” “you are the greatest guard dog ever”
and of course
“i love you”
when your love can’t be contained
it overflows as words
it wraps around me like a soft, warm blanket

(2) quality time
undivided attention to each other
for the appreciation of being together
because we are on this planet for only a short time
let’s not multi-task love and other stuff
i want the moment to be with you, side by side, wholeheartedly

(3) receiving gifts
anything that i enjoy
from a piece of chicken tender jerkey
to your hand-me-down slippers
the thought that you were thinking of me
makes me feel on cloud nine

(4) acts of service
things you do for me
just to keep me well and safe
just to free me from everyday worries
just to see my smile
a happy, happy smile

(5) physical touch
hugs and kisses
sleeping next to each other
no other warmth
not even a nap in the afternoon sun
could be better than being close to you

mother’s day is soon
i will try to speak my family’s love language
and make them the happiest

happy early mother’s day to all the moms in the world

the biggest gift
for receiving and for giving

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my mom brought this table home the other day

she said it’s a drum

she is learning bossa nova percussion, apparently

playing along “girl from ipanema”
the drum did bongo-bongo-bongo
when it probably meant tum-tom-tam

i listened to her rhythm
a bit off beat but happy

and the rhythm around me

hummingbirds hovering
flowers opening its petals
trees reaching out to the sky

and the rhythm i hear inside
peaceful sounds
balancing, uplifting, healing

the rhythm is about now
about today

and tomorrow…
tomorrow will come through that gate
with light and music
with hope and happiness

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emergency prep

my family is working on emergency plans
what to do, where to meet up, what to take with us
in case of natural disasters

and here is my emergency bag

(1) food

a week worth supply of dry food, canned food, anti-stress chew bones
collapsible water cup, spoons
food must be familiar, easy to feed, no need to cook kind
please periodically check expiration dates

(2)  house

compact, easy-handling carriage that would keep me safe

(3) toiletries

all the medicine & grooming basics, towels
oh, and a chewable squirrel for my mental health

(4) paper work

a copy of registration info, medical records
notebook (rescue agency info, vet #, animal control center info)
extra leash and collar, name/phone # tag

(5) footwear

so that no dangerous debris would hurt my feet
(comes with adjustable reflective strap)

(6) lost dog fliers

never underestimate the power of visual information
also good to carry several pieces of photos

(7) and of course, human needs

(yoga mat…?)

let’s hope we will never have to put this prep to the test

let us help mother nature enjoy her peace
we don’t want her angry



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a prayer

one warm & sunny day in march
i think the new season is finally here

babies are born, birds are back, flowers are singing

oh wait
there is this old japanese saying
chills repeat three times before it brings real spring

i dig the snow to see if the warmth is hiding beneath the white blanket
but no
can’t find it
i guess i have to be patient

i think of people and animals
the good souls that are suffering the disaster
no place to go
no food to ease their hunger
no family because their lives were taken

i don’t know how to stop my tears
for so much sadness
so much pain

and for such gentleness people give

let their winter go by quickly
may their chills be mild
each day brings brighter light
a softer breeze
because of love the world shares

it is hard to see beyond the cold and gray
but spring will come
spring will be ours

until then
i pray for them
i pray for japan


*earthquake & tsunami photos from BBC News *candle prayer photo by Dr. RawheaD


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do you see it in the warm sunlight?

do you smell it in the new colors?

do you hear it in smiles?

signs are everywhere
it’s here!



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earth watch

from a hill side

from my livingroom

at a mountain top

and in my backyard

i watch the earth
with curiosity
with joy

hearing the air whispering
feeling the gravity holding me in place

comfort of being
happiness of being a part of this world

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i joined facebook!
please visit me @ shiba inu mulder♥

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nature walk

into the wild

my favorite adventure

the air smells
fresh and interesting

the colors look rich and inviting

there is something mysterious about the forest
almost spiritual
as if somebody is watching me

 i don’t see them but
i swear i am not the only one here

i have to be careful though
that someone might be medusa
i’ve seen her victims here and there

and when i exit to civilization
i take a little piece of the forest with me
the memory of cedar smell
an image of light & shadow
and my promise to come back
before the new season
before spring

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peace of life

i’m bored





i’m bored mom





you don’t want to play squeaky monkey with me, i see


fine, I go out and play snow

let’s see, who was here 5 minutes ago?

ugh, quicksnow? someone, help, get me out of here!


back in the house
dozing off
with npr fresh air on the background
fresh air outside
fresh air inside

precious tranquility

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more and less

year of the rabbit
time for the new year’s resolutions

(1) more patience:
especially with humiliating treatments like this↑





(2) more curiosity:
so many cool backyard in the world!




(3) more learning:
hm…david sedaris… he has some insights about squirrels





(4) less co2 footprint:
this is about not tracking mud in to the house, yes?





(5) less adrenalin-driven adventures:
bond-girl in me wants to find more domestic peace and pleasure this year


(6) less material:
i will have only the things absolutely essential to very basic living

fresh ideas
fresh start

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